Soothing Therapeutic Massage - Jessika Mankin, LMT

“Both my husband and I have benefited from Jessika’s skillful and intuitive massage. She really does have a “healing touch”. She is extremely professional, prompt, reliable, and respectful of the client. I think she is the best!” - Mary

“She’s professional, always on time, a talented bodyworker and healer. She’s truly dedicated to learning her craft and improving her technique. I’ve received bodywork from multiple practitioners over the years and her work is superb in comparison."
- Anilh
Massage Therapy in Fort Collins
“Thank you for the wonderful massages – you really have a gift!” - Barbara

“I'm feeling really great this morning, and my back has loosened up. Thanks for an awesome massage!” - Deanna

“She took away my stress headaches and my wife said that I have a better mood during the week and sleep better." - Osvaldo

“When are you going to be avail next? That was sooooo relaxing. You’re hired as my masseuse!” - Chris

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